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Learning & Development Solutions

We offer comprehensive learning and development solutions through our performance consultants, instructional designers, facilitators and trainers.



Building Robust Leadership Teams

Work with us to build a leadership team with the capability, tools, knowledge and vision to create employee engagement, drive strategy and achieve results.



Developing Coaches & Trainers

Train the Trainer is one of our most popular services. Professional facilitators globally come to us to increase their repertoire of training capabilities.



Corporate Capability Consulting

Our Performance Consultants help you maximise organisational success by crafting a strategy to help you breakthrough your workforce challenges.


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Ken Choo

Ken Choo

Country Manager

Ken is the Country Manager for Malaysia but is also a highly experienced corporate trainer.

Ken Choo

Country Manager

Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins

Head of Distribution

Nicole looks after all of your shipping and sales orders for your training and development needs.

Nicole Atkins

Head of Distribution

Doreen Wong

Doreen Wong

Sales Manager

Doreen looks after your training and development needs in Malaysia and Singapore.

Doreen Wong

Sales Manager

Michele Nash

Michele Nash

Master Trainer

Michele is well known for her amazing FISH! Philosophy training both in Australia and overseas.

Michele Nash

Master Trainer



Behavioural Based Interview Workshop

Behavioural interviewing emphasises on past performance and behaviours. When it is used consciously and systematically in an interview, it can result in selecting the candidate with the right motivational fit for the position advertised. This program will focus on crafting structured behavioural interview questions and recognising non-verbal behaviours.

Mind Resources Workshop Coaching for Managers

Coaching For Managers Workshop

If managers in your organisation need to develop their coaching skills to better manage their direct reports, then “Coaching for Managers’ is the 1-Day workshop for them. and you need them to hone their coaching skills, to improve team productivity, reduce staff turnover, and increase motivation?


Dealing with Difficult People Workshop

This program provides professionals a tool to facilitate the resolution of even the most deep-seated interpersonal conflicts.


Decision Making and Creative Problem Solving Workshop

This workshop covers problem solving techniques based on the 4P’s model: People, Process, Product and Place (work environment), and the Simple A.C.E approach. These provide a good overall framework to understanding the key factors that affect problem solving ability and creativity.

Business woman learning english for customer care

English for Customer Care Workshop

In today’s business environment, it is becoming increasingly common for customers to expect good customer service and as such, personnel working in sales or customer service need a good level of English to deliver excellent service. This workshop will help you develop your language skills and confidence.

Mind Resources Institute Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Services

Accelerate achieving your professional goals with Executive Coaching. Your program is customised after deep investigation of your unique situation.


Mind Reading for Managers Workshop

Companies are raving about the success they’ve had with the Mind Reading for Managers 1-Day Workshop. Using the 5FOCUSed conversations model, the program helps leaders and managers effectively address and actively resolve employee engagement and productivity issues.


NLP Certification Training

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a proven method of achieving what you want in life. It is a way of thinking and a set of skills that will give you more focus, greater self-esteem, the power to make good decisions, direction, self-confidence, ability to create wealth, and greater productivity.


People Management and Supervisory Skills Workshop

This workshop will inspire people to comprehend and appreciate their roles, spur them to achieve consistently good results by providing them with an environment of contribution, of belonging and of achievement.

Mind Resources Re-Imagine the Job Description Workshop

Re-Imagine the Job Description Workshop

Hire Well the First Time through the Re-Imagine the Job Description Workshop with Kim Seeling Smith. This is 4-hour program, facilitated by Kim is a live lab teaching the theory behind the SPOT ON Job Description framework. You hear real case studies with results to give you ideas on how to best use the framework and you will create your own SPOT ON Job Description for a particularly hard to fill role. Kim has experienced astounding success with this method working with organisations such as Muffin Break, Tassal Salmon, First Mortgage, Hunter Express, Krispy Kreme, Northrop Consulting Engineers and many more.


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Training Categories

Workshop Training

Helping you build effective leadership teams is one of the key areas that the Mind Resources Institute of Learning and Innovation specialises in. The success of an organisation, both financially and otherwise is often dependent on the calibre of its leaders. Leadership training is an important investment for any organisation that wants long-term success.

We offer a suite of leadership development workshops and tools for your needs. Our leadership programs are run globally and we also have videos covering various aspects of leadership such as negotiation skills, vision, integrity, accountability and more.

We also work in collaboration with a sister company JRS International Search Partners who have over 30 years experience successfully placing C-Level Executives in high performing organisations throughout the world.

As the world becomes a melting pot of different cultures, diversity in organisations is on the increase as well. Today’s workplace reflects various cultures, generations, backgrounds, belief systems, and personalities, but making diversity work to the benefit of an organisation can be tricky. Approached correctly, diversity can allow an organisation and its people to solve problems more effectively, learn new things from each other, and grow.

The Mind Resources Institute of Learning and Innovation provides diversity management and inclusion workshops and training material such as videos that will help your team develop the necessary skills to properly, and interact professionally and respectfully with all co-workers.

Change in an organisation is necessary if it is to keep up with social and economic changes and thrive, but it can often be disruptive and many employees can be resistant to change. So how do you deal with these scenarios?

The Mind Resources Institute of Learning and Innovation has decades of experience helping organisations roll out change management initiatives effectively and smoothly to harness new growth opportunities.

At the Mind Resources Institute of Learning and Innovation, we have a selection of manager and supervisor training content available in different formats. Being promoted to manager or supervisor is a big step in an employee’s career, and it often calls for a new set of skills and a change in mindset.

Our workshops provide attendees with best practice advice and our videos will help you train new managers as well as seasoned leaders to manage others more successfully.

Is miscommunication leading to confusion, inefficiency and compromised performance in your organisation? Strong communication skills are paramount at all levels of an organisations. If your are seeking improved employee performance and long-term success for your organisation, consider Communication Skills training.

The Mind Resources Institute of Learning and Innovation has Communication Skills training workshops and as well as videos that cover verbal and non-verbal communication, listening, email communication, presentation skills and more.

Do you want to ensure long-term customer loyalty and a strong foundation for relationships based on trust? High quality customer service leads to organisational success through ongoing positive and productive interactions with customers.

The Mind Resources Institute of Learning and Innovation offers a large selection of customer service training workshops such as programs related to the world famous FISH! Philosophy. We also have videos covering all aspects of representing an organisation, including handling difficult customers, solving problems, providing outstanding service over the phone.

Some people are self-motivated, and others need help. What can managers do to motivate employees? The manager’s challenge is to figure out how to tap into the things that drive their team members and leverage them.

At the Mind Resources Institute of Learning and Innovation, we help you develop productive relationships with each employee and assist you in creating a work environment and organisational culture that fosters employee motivation and engagement.

It’s a win-win situation for all, when an organisation allows an employee to growth both personally and professionally. By investing in the growth of your most important asset, your people, you are investing in the future of your organisation’s success.

The training tools at the Mind Resources Institute of Learning and Innovation assist employee development through interpersonal skills training and much more making people more effective in their jobs and workplace relationships.

We drive organisational results through human performance improvement.

Discuss your training and development needs with us!