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leadership and resilience

3 ways to build resilience as a leader

In today’s business environment, building resilience for leaders is a necessity. As the phrase goes, ‘change is only constant in life’. This is truer today more than ever. The business environment is constantly changing with some of the most disruptive changes having taken place in the past century. This demands that a modern leader constantly anticipate change and prepare how to deal with it when it happens.

One way to do this is to build resilience by gaining the elements that make up a resilient person. These include having a clear purpose, perseverance, being resourceful, being optimistic, taking care of self, building capacity of self and others as well as connecting with others. A modern leader knows well that there is nothing he/she can do about change. Being versatile and building resilience is the only way to effectively handle change. Here are three ways to build resilience as a leader:

Improve yourself constantly

As a leader, many look up to you for direction especially when faced with difficulties. Investing in your continuous learning will help you stay up to date with the changes in the business environment. Take self-discovery opportunities; improve on your self-awareness as well as physical, mental and emotional wellness. There are courses that you can take to help you develop your leadership abilities. Your role calls for you to stand strong in times of crisis and you really cannot risk falling apart when your leadership is needed the most.

Accept that failure is inevitable

Resilience is built when you fail and get up again. This makes you more able and ready to face future challenges. With every failure, you learn of a different way to get back up and spring back into shape. It is very easy to accept defeat after failing one too many times, and many times you will feel like quitting; however being mentally prepared that you can fail makes the impact of failure less painful and less destructive to your will. This makes you try again as if failure was just a minor hiccup in the leadership process.

Make solid choices and take responsibility for them

Making solid choices is a sign that you are not afraid to face difficult decision-making situations. Further, it shows that you are ready to take responsibility for your choices. As a leader, build resilience by making decisions rather than burying your head in the sand and waiting for the storm to blow over. If you struggle with decision making, there are some leadership development courses that you can take to help you with decision making. In a changing environment, you will be faced with tough decisions every now and then and resilience is built by taking up these decisions and owning your choices.

All in all, resilient leaders are constantly building their capacity to recover from difficulties and become better leaders. You can do this by taking up courses that will help you improve your attitude, become more optimistic, gain emotional intelligence and become appreciative of change.

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