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5 tips to make you better at decision-making

In your daily activities, you will find that you have to make decisions, big and small. Whether it is what to have for lunch or making a career move, all decisions matter despite their magnitude. Every situation you face in a day requires some form of decision-making and the more responsibilities you have, the more decisions you have to make.

Not everyone is good at making decisions, and some people struggle to even make choices about little things. Failure to make decisions can cripple your activity as one decision leads to a different situation which calls for even more decisions. Inability to make decisions therefore means you can be stuck in one situation for a long time.

What makes decision-making so hard?

Get rid of distractions

One common hindrance to decision making is distraction. Getting distracted by things or people around you interferes with your concentration such that you don’t focus on the situation long enough to make a choice. To deal with this, you should learn how to identify distractions and get them out of your way. Only through getting rid of distractions can you concentrate on the puzzle in your mind and make a choice.

Avoid perfectionism

Another reason why people find it hard to make decisions is because they are perfectionists. If you are facing such a situation, it is important to know that decision- making does not mean making the right choice, it means making the most favourable one. This does not mean that the choice made is perfect; it may have its shortcomings. To be better at decision-making, stop aiming for perfectionism and learn to deal with the consequences of your actions. Nothing will ever be perfect and by expecting so, you are not being fair to yourself.

Be confident in your abilities

When you lack confidence in your abilities, you don’t believe that you can make the right decisions. You feel that you don’t have the power to make decisions and you even ask others to do it for you. This is especially if you are used of other people making decisions for you such as your parent, spouse, or boss. To deal with this, learn how to trust yourself and your abilities. Learn how to make decisions even when they are not right at all times, it teaches you to be responsible for your choices.

Have clear objectives

You may be struggling to make a decision mainly because you don’t know what you want. Lack of clear objectives means that there is nothing driving your actions towards decision making; your decisions have no purpose. If you have clear objectives regarding your career, personal life, you will find that decisions come more easily since you already know what you want and you will pick the choice that will take you there.

Consider coaching

Performance coaching is a known effective way that helps individuals with decision- making. In performance coaching, just like a sports coach, the coach will study your situation, identify what you are doing wrong and help you brainstorm on ways to improve. In relation to decision making, a performance coach will help you develop clear objectives, improve confidence in your abilities, get rid of distractions and hindrances and become better at decision making.


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