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6 ways to make training engaging and memorable

As humans, we tend to forget past information once new information is introduced to our minds. A researched by SAVO group showed that an average person will forget 65% of material learned in a training session just a week after training and 90% will forget that information in 6 months. However, one cannot emphasise enough on the importance of training employees in an organisation. This means that for training to be effective, it is important that organisations find ways to make training sessions engaging enough to be memorable. Here are six ways to make training engaging and memorable:

Understand your audience

The first step to ensure that a training session is engaging and memorable is to understand the kind of audience you are dealing with. This is important so you can tailor-make the training in such a way that it resonates with the audience and it is also information that your training provider will ask you for. Information about the audience can be obtained from training need assessments or crafting a form to be filled out prior to the training. Understanding their needs for training as well as their demographics helps produce material and information that they will relate to and hence understand better and remember for longer.

Get an interactive trainer

A trainer can make or break a training session. As much as the training content is important, having a trainer who lectures the content directly without being interactive bores the audience within a short time. It is important that a trainer knows when to deliver the content and when to interact with the audience in such a way to keep them interested in the content being offered. Reading bios of trainers can often help you make the right selection.

Tell stories and real life scenarios

Capturing the emotion of trainees is an important part of ensuring that the lessons learned remain in their memories and hearts; this can be achieved by telling stories and giving real-life scenarios that are relevant to the training content. Stories and scenarios trigger emotions and enhance memory as well as lengthen the attention span of an audience.

Utilise technology

With the current forms of technology available, there are many ways that you can add value to your training sessions. An example is through use of videos to illustrate a concept or emphasise a point. Videos break the monotony of face-to-face training capturing the attention of employees. Another important benefit of using of videos during training is that videos can be played again at a later date should the employees need to refer to the content.

Use engaging techniques

There are some engaging techniques that can be used during training to enhance information acquisition and retention. Such include brainstorming, games and quizzes introduced methodically during a training session. These trigger the mind to focus, acquire information and retain it.

Create an environment conducive for learning

The room setup where training is taking place can influence how information is obtained and retained. When the setup resembles a lecture hall, employees are likely to be bored with the training sessions. However, a set up that encourages engagement and participation is likely to increase the attention span of employees and make the training session more interactive.


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