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Mind Resources Personal Development Training Videos

Personal Development Training Videos

By investing in the growth of your most important asset, your people, you are investing in the future of your organisation’s success. The training tools at the Mind Resources Institute of Learning and Innovation assist the personal development of your employees through interpersonal skills training and much more making people more effective in their jobs and workplace relationships. Browse through some sample video titles below and contact your local office to enquire about any of these products or a full list of films in this category.

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This program provides an excellent introduction/overview of this topic and includes commentary from EI experts Daniel Goleman, Peter Salovey and others. Viewers see organisations such as Kaiser Permanente, State Street Bank and Nichols Aluminum where training in EI is being used to help employees create better, more productive working relationships.
Support Materials: Leader’s Guide PowerPoint Presentation Participant Workbook are available on CD ROM


This short program shares thoughtful and poignant messages regarding the power and impacts of your attitude.
Support Materials: Facilitator Guide is available on CD ROM


This innovative training program will provide everyone in your organisation with the tools they need for a greater sense of empowerment and increased productivity. Participants will learn to view accountability as an ongoing process for achieving personal effectiveness.
Support Materials: Leader’s Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, Participant Workbook are available on CD ROM


This film is an inspiring short program about the importance of knowing yourself, where you want to be, and having the commitment to get there.
Support Materials: Learning Guide, Group Discussion Questions and Activities, PowerPoint Presentation and a Transcript of the film are available on CD ROM