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selecting training experts

How to select training experts to partner with

After conducting a training needs assessment and creating training objectives, selection of a training expert is your next step. Though there are many training experts in the industry, you should select a training organisation and experts who will help you achieve your organisation’s training objectives as well as create a long-term training relationship. This means that your selected expert should be compatible to your organisation’s training needs. Here is how to go about selecting the best training experts to partner with:

Identify the qualities you need in a training expert

It would be hard to look for a training expert if you are not sure what exactly you are looking for. Start by to identifying the qualities that you need in a training expert. Such qualities include expertise and experience, the kind of technology they use in training, the industry they are in, as well as their portfolio. Selecting a training expert who specialises in your industry is important, as training can be tailor-made to address the issues faced by this industry. The training medium also matters in the sense that, some forms of training, such as video training are preferred in some situations since it is possible to reuse the same training material for repeat training.

Availability of the training expert

Sometimes training can be planned for well ahead of time while in some instances, it may be required on short notice. Consider enquiring with potential training partners regarding their availability on short notice. This is why it would be great to consider training experts from your area since they have the necessary resources and know how to address training needs in your area on short notice. Sometimes, large training organisations have too much on their plate and have to schedule training sessions for up to one year. Consider those that have flexible schedules and a large selection of trainers, but remember not to compromise on the quality of training for availability.

Set clear expectations

Once you have identified potential training experts, you need to lay out your expectations clearly. It is important that the training partner understands the roles they have to pay and how much accountability comes with those roles. When this is put in writing, it ensures that both parties understand what is expected of them and agree to meet these. To create a long-term relationship, find a common language that will help you build trust and respect for each other. A long-term relationship with training partners benefits both firms in numerous ways.

Lastly, enquire from each of your potential partners, any additional services that they may be offering. Some training experts offer follow-up on training sessions, others will help you develop training needs assessment and create objectives. Consider the additional services that you perceive will be most helpful to your organisation. Once you find the right training expert to partner with, you can be fully assured that your training needs are taken care of and you can focus on the core functions of your organisation.

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