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The relationship between emotional stability and leadership

Emotional intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognise their emotions, the emotions of others, distinguish between different emotions and label them appropriately. Emotionally intelligent people use this ability and information about their emotions to guide their thinking and behaviour. Emotional stability comes from emotional intelligence (EI). People with higher levels of EI are able […]


leadership and resilience

3 ways to build resilience as a leader

In today’s business environment, building resilience for leaders is a necessity. As the phrase goes, ‘change is only constant in life’. This is truer today more than ever. The business environment is constantly changing with some of the most disruptive changes having taken place in the past century. This demands that a modern leader constantly […]


Unconscious bias in leadership

How to avoid unconscious bias in leadership

Being a leader can be both rewarding and challenging even for the most effective leaders. Even the best leaders make mistakes. One common challenge faced by leaders is unconscious bias. Put simply unconscious bias is when your background, personal experiences, societal stereotypes and cultural context impact on your decisions and your actions with you realising. […]