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employee motivation

Ways to effectively motivate your employees

Motivation has evolved in many ways in the current business environment. Gone are the days organisations could throw money at employees and consider that as motivation. Today, employees have come to value organisations for more than the monetary rewards they get for their work. It is therefore very important that organisations learn effective ways of motivating employees in the modern work environment.

Foster open communication

This begins with encouraging communication from the top of the ‘food chain’ in such a way that staff understand the vision and direction the organisation is headed in. Communication should be encouraged both ways such that employees feel free to input their opinions and ideas without fear. Open communication makes employees feel valued in such a way that it motivates them to strive to perform better to achieve organisational goals.

Empower employees to develop intrinsic motivation

There are many ways through which you can empower your employees with the end goal of showing them that you value them. Empowerment starts with recognising that besides achieving organisational goals, individuals too have certain goals that they would like to meet. In order to motivate these individuals, one certain way is to help them achieve their goals. This is done through trusting them with responsibilities that help them grow through delegation. Empowering is further done through arming them with knowledge and skills needed to execute their tasks with autonomy and recognising their efforts and achievements. Empowered employees are highly motivated as they derive their energy from intrinsic motivation instilled by the power bestowed on them.

Understand different individuals’ motivating factors

Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it is important to understand that each individual in the organisation has different needs. As a result, they are motivated by different factors. It is therefore important to treat each employee as an individual being driven by different needs. This ensures that every individual’s needs are met and that they achieve satisfaction from their work in different ways that resonates with their needs. For example, it would make most sense to offer an employee medical insurance assistance if the employee has insufficient medical cover and is constantly worried about medical expenses, while it may be imprudent to get them a membership to a social club. Catering for the needs of employees in the right way motivates them to work towards achieving organisational goals as they derive more satisfaction from their work.

Conclusively, motivation theories are changing with the dynamic business environment as well as the changing demographics of employees. This means organisations ought to be observant of their workforce and come up with effective ways to motivate them in such a way that motivation and enthusiasm towards their work is internalised and employees end up being driven by intrinsic motivation. This way, there would be no need to push employees to get work done since it is a drive they have from within.

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