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Dealing with Difficult People Workshop

Turning Conflicts Into Collaboration

Course Overview:

When employees work together, they may have conflicting goals and work styles. Because of this, conflict is a normal part of doing business.

However, if you know how to handle conflict and how to interact with difficult people, you can turn this potentially destructive force into an opportunity for creativity and greater productivity.

Conflict is a natural disagreement resulting from individuals or groups that differ in attitudes, beliefs, values or needs. It can also originate from past rivalries and personality differences.

Interpersonal issues play a large role in most, if not many, conflicts.

This program provides professionals a tool to facilitate the resolution of even the most deep-seated interpersonal conflicts.

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Most Suitable for:

Manager, Team Leader, Executive, Non-Executive, Customer Service Personnel, Coordinator and anyone who deal with internal/external customer on a day to day basis

Objective of Program:
  • Define conflict
  • Understand the importance of using appropriate personal management skill to deal with conflicts
  • Review typical conflicts in who is involved and possible methods generally used
  • Be familiar with necessary skills in resolving conflict
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: TBA
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