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Decision Making and Creative Problem Solving Workshop

Find simple and effective solutions that can be implemented quickly and effectively

Course Overview:

Problem solving is a mental process that includes defining the problem, and implementing logical and creative solutions. Often people are not able to solve problems due to the lack of creativity and some simple problem solving skills.

This workshop covers problem solving techniques based on the 4P’s model: People, Process, Product and Place (work environment), and the Simple A.C.E approach. These provide a good overall framework to understanding the key factors that affect problem solving ability and creativity.

This program aims to activate the right brain problem solving: finding a simple and effective solution that can be implemented quickly and effectively.

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Most Suitable for:

Staff of all levels can benefit from this workshop

Objective of Program:
  • Understand different thinking styles and their applications
  • Understand the decision making process
  • Understand the logic of analytical and critical thinking
  • Apply analytical thinking techniques and tools in workplace
  • Understand problem solving models
  • Learn the application of various problem solving tools
Location: The Majestic Hotel/Gardens Hotel, Five Star Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: TBA
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