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Mind Resources Institute Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching Services

Accelerate achieving your professional goals with Executive Coaching

Course Overview:

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The Mind Resources Institute offers Executive Coaching Services covering the following areas:

  • Personal Development – Learn how to plan a development process that enables sustainable personal growth
  • Self-Awareness – Discover how to consciously acknowledge your character, feelings, motives, and desires
  • Anger Management – Develop strategies for managing your anger effectively and becoming aware of triggers
  • Dispute Resolution – Improve your ability to negotiate disagreements and disputes for acceptable outcomes
  • Communication Strategies – Become an expert communicator by learning key workplace communication strategies
  • Personal Accountability – Find out how to hold yourself accountable for your decisions and follow through on your responsibilities
  • Empowerment – Learn how to design measures to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people
  • Managing Change and Growth – Navigate organisational change, so as to strengthen your people and culture.
  • Performance Improvement – Improve employee performance, whether it be in the sales, business development, customer service or communication roles.
  • Organisational Resilience – Learn organisational resilience, both at an individual and enterprise-wide level.
  • Culture – Revolutionise and rejuvenate your organisation, for long term sustainability.
  • Exceptional Leadership – Strengthen leadership capability, so that it will extend to organisational excellence.

A typical Executive Coaching process involves a Mind Resources Institute Coach who holds a 2-hour session with you per month for a 3-month duration. Your program is customised after deep investigation of your unique situation. The solutions and strategies will be delivered through a blend of multimedia, online assessments, expert facilitation and detailed feedback mechanisms.

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Most Suitable for:

Executives, Leaders, Managers and anyone supervising other team members

Objective of Program:
Our programs provide real world, practical tools for your success. Crucially, our solutions are long term – equipping your organisation and people with tools for the future.
Location: Global
Date: Scheduled upon enquiry
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