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Mind Reading for Managers Workshop

How to make employee disengagement a thing of the past and improve productivity

Course Overview:

Psst… Should we tell you a secret?

We know why your staff leave.

We also know how to get your managers to truly understand how to get the good employees to stay and work to their true potential. Now wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

If high employee turnover and low levels of engagement and productivity have been keeping you up at night, and you feel like your business funds are haemorrhaging, you’re not alone.

How much does employee disengagement cost an organisation?
80% of staff are mildly engaged to actively disengaged
This costs the average organisation about 1/3 of the employee’s salary each year
It costs 50-200% of a staff’s salary to replace them

Control the problem, before it controls you
So what can you do? Is it time to stop being reactive and start being proactive? We can help with that, like we have helped many other organisations.

The solution that company’s are raving about:

Mind Reading for Managers is a 1-Day Workshop for leaders and managers that helps organisations effectively address and actively resolve employee engagement and productivity issues. Using the 5FOCUSed Conversations program, Kim Seeling Smith has delivered the solution to many organisations across Australia and the US with astounding success.

Organisations she has helped include Muffin Break (Food Co), Krispy Creme Donuts, Brisbane Marketing, OMD (media company), RazorFish (small media company), DFK Averalls (accounting firm), Brickworks and TAFE Queensland, just to name a few.

Most Suitable for:

Leaders and managers

Objective of Program:
  • Learn how to separate engagement and productivity issues from operational issues.
  • Understand the importance of monthly FOCUSed conversations
  • Take away a schedule and framework for structured one-to-one conversations with team members that you can implement tomorrow
  • Discover how to align and intersect the organisations needs with the needs of employees
  • Find out how monthly conversations can completely replace out-dated systems of annual performance reviews
  • Leave with confidence that implemented correctly the solution is permanent
Location: Sydney, or any other location Australia-wide on request.
Date: TBA
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