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People Management and Supervisory Skills Workshop

Achieve consistently good results by honing your supervisory management skillset

Course Overview:

This workshop will inspire people to comprehend and appreciate their roles, spur them to achieve consistently good results by providing them with an environment of contribution, of belonging and of achievement. Acquiring the supervisory management skills set, includes motivating others, delegating, coaching and applying performance management to leverage on the individual strengths in supporting the team.

This 2-day course is designed to provide the participants with a variety of tools, techniques and best practices for people management aligning to Malaysian Corporate requirements.

Course Outline

Building Character and Integrity
• Understand elements of professionalism
• A winning personality
• Optimism
• Introduction of “personal leadership”

Personal Leadership
• Examining your personal management style
• Exploring personal values and understand what motivates others
• Aligning personal values with corporate missions
• Understanding the 4 “F”

First, Fair, Firm and Flexible (Learning Video: Front of Class)
• Managing people – cultivate relationship and building team

Adapts to and Implements Change
• Accepts that change is inevitable and embraces change with innovation, courage, and resiliency.
• Motivate team to adapt change
• Promoting a culture of Innovation
• Group discussion & learning

8 Effective Management Practices
(Video learning: Would I Work For Me?)
• Share information
• Get people involved
• Listen to people’s concerns
• Take action to show that you care
• Tell people what they’re doing right
• Focus on solutions, not problems
• Deal with mistakes in private
• Use mistakes to help people

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Most Suitable for:

Leaders, managers and supervisors

Objective of Program:
  • Prepare participants to advance to a leadership position.
  • Understand the elements and the importance of personal leadership
  • Understand the impact of change and how to manage change effectively
  • Promoting positive working culture and innovative environment
  • Learn key management and supervisory practices
  • Ability to delegate effectively
Location: The Majestic Hotel/Gardens Hotel, Five Star Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: TBA
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