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Mind Resources Re-Imagine the Job Description Workshop
Re-Imagine the Job Description Workshop

Course Overview:

Making the right hiring decision starts well before you interview candidates. It starts with writing an effective job description. The problem with most job descriptions however, is that they are nothing more than a boring laundry list of duties and responsibilities. They not only attract the wrong candidates and repel the ones that you want, they also make employee accountability very difficult and ineffective.

To hire well the first time, the key is to know what you are looking for before you start looking.

Most hiring managers fail to clearly think through what they need in a position before going to market to fill their role. Then they try to match a poorly written job description with a resume – often going on ‘gut feel’ to hire.

The Cost of a ‘Bad Hire’

• 44% of hiring managers rated their last hire as ‘not good’ and it costs up to 200% of a staff’s salary to find a replacement
• You lose up to 1/3 of someone’s annual salary in productivity for every team member who is not fully engaged or motivated to do their best work
• The gap between jobs we need to fill and quality candidates available globally could reach 85 million by 2025

The Problem with Traditional Job Descriptions

The problem with traditional job descriptions is that they are task-based, unengaging and either too ambiguous or overly detailed.

Traditional job descriptions:
• Can repel high quality candidates who may look right past the advertised role or job ad
• Are ineffective tools to hold your employees accountable for performance
• An employee can do everything required on the job description and still not achieve the desired result. This leads to uncomfortable and unproductive performance conversations. You know…those circular conversations that don’t get anywhere because you are trying to get them to see they are not performing to expectations — and yet they (rightly) point out that they are actually doing everything on their job description.
• Are rarely updated, causing a disconnect between what you expect from your staff (as market conditions change or your company or team evolves) and what they think you think you expect.

Hire Well the First Time through the Re-Imagine the Job Description Workshop with Kim Seeling Smith

Companies are astounded by the success they’ve had with the Re-Imagine the Job Description Workshop. This is 4-hour program, facilitated by Kim is a live lab teaching the theory behind the SPOT ON Job Description framework. You hear real case studies with results to give you ideas on how to best use the framework and you will create your own SPOT ON Job Description for a particularly hard to fill role. Kim has experienced astounding success with this method working with organisations such as Muffin Break, Tassal Salmon, First Mortgage, Hunter Express, Krispy Kreme, Northrop Consulting Engineers and many more.

Location: Sydney, or other locations on request