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cultural transformation
Transforming an Organisation’s Culture Workshop

Essential Knowledge and Skills for the Practitioner

Course Overview:
How can a culture be led and managed? What does a great culture plan look like? How do I measure the effectiveness of my cultural interventions? Attend a one-day master class on transforming organisational culture and have these questions and more answered.


The Transforming an Organisation’s Culture workshop offers participants a step by step process for leading a company’s culture transformation program using behavioural science techniques.


It demystifies the science behind establish long lasting behavioral change within a workplace and is targeted at those wishing to lead a cultural transformation program with an organisation.




AM, Part One: Understanding Culture Foundations and Drivers
In this session, we will explore what is culture, what ultimately drives behavioral change in the workplace, how leadership is critical to successful of culture change.


Part Two: From Desired State to Establishing the Culture team
In this session, we will explore the steps in defining what a future culture footprint should look like for an organisation. We will also explore how to measure and undertake a gap analysis between the desired and existing culture footprint before establishing a culture transformation team.


PM, Part One: Designing a Great Culture Plan
In this portion of the workshop, participants will develop a full appreciation of how to go about developing a culture plan. A plan that ultimately must be reflective of the culture behaviors an organisation wants to transform.


PM, Part Two: From Establishing Culture to Smart Analytics
One of the most unsupported areas is that of measuring long last culture change. A culture transformation journey can take several years. How one establishes robust metrics to show growth in the culture journey becomes critical to the success of the initial culture plan. We will close the day by reflecting on your own unique challenges you have faced in trying to get traction on your own culture transformation program.

Most Suitable for:

This workshop is targeted at those wishing to lead a cultural transformation program with an organisation.

Objective of Program:
  • Build a strong understanding of culture and how it can be an influence in the workplace
  • Develop practical skills for transforming a company’s culture, following a well applied process
  • Obtain practical templates and guides to transforming your next culture
  • Develop confidence in leading your culture transformation program
  • Implement the seven stages of transforming a company’s culture
  • Use analytic techniques to measure your culture transformation journey
  • Operate with increased confidence and professionalism to achieve desired business outcomes
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